Girl power politics chapters

In a rapidly growing number of schools and communities across the United States and internationally, our fearless GPP champions are inspiring girls and fighting to close the political gender gap.

If you’re a grade school or college student who identifies as female or non-binary, register to start a GPP chapter today!

(Teachers and community leaders can start chapters too!)



GPP’s chapter family is quickly growing! In just the last month, we have started two new chapters in Cincinnati, four chapters across the rest of the United States, and two international chapters! As a GPP chapter, you won’t be alone in your fight; you’ll be part of a wide network of passionate young women working to close the political gender gap.


GPP chapters are open to all self-identifying girls and non-binary folx. GPP is also firmly nonpartisan; we strive to create a community that unites around political empowerment regardless of personal political affiliations.


GPP chapters aren’t your typical school club! At GPP, you’ll be working towards a larger mission: closing the political gender gap. Every time your chapter helps a girl find her political voice (even if it’s you!) you’ll have made a positive impact.

What do GPP Chapters Do?


learn about the political gender gap

Before you start advocating within the GPP movement, it’s important to learn exactly what you’re fighting for! The political gender gap seems simple, but in a GPP chapter, you’ll dive into its underlying causes and nuances, dispel misconceptions, and discuss the true impact of the political gender gap on gender-related policy. 


develop tangible political leadership skills

Whether you’re a student in elementary school or an established professional, if you know how to harness your political power, you can make a difference!  In a GPP chapter, you’ll learn real political skills like canvassing, petitioning, organizing peaceful protests, contacting your elected officials, and so much more! 


advocate for change

Once you and your GPP chapter are feeling confident in your advocacy skills, it’s time to put them to use! Push for change within your school, within your community, or even on a state or national scale! 


organize gpp community outreach events

Expand your GPP chapter’s impact by organizing GPP events in your community! Our GPP team will help you as much as possible by providing sample schedules, logo packages, and sponsorship email templates!

Learn More About GPP Events


…and more!

The GPP team is constantly working hard to bring new opportunities to our community! These could be anything from job shadows to interviews, to virtual meet-ups with other GPP chapters around the world!

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After you submit the form, our team will read it over and contact you to schedule a video meeting. This isn’t an interview, but rather a chance for us to get to know you and for you to ask us any questions you have!