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girl power politics events

GPP events cultivate an atmosphere that inspires girls to believe in their power to change the world.

Through sessions, mentoring, and interacting with other girls from their community, attendees at gpp events walk away with a sense of empowerment and  a new perspective on politics.


By attending a GPP event, you’ll join a supportive community of girls who are ready to make a difference in their community! Who knows? The girl sitting next to you might help you organize your first protest, co-found your future organization, or even be a fellow politician someday.


GPP events are free admission and open to all self-identifying girls and non-binary folx. GPP is also firmly nonpartisan; with every event, we strive wherever possible to include speakers from a variety of political backgrounds.


GPP events are designed to help girls reach their political potential. Learn how to use your voice effectively, get inspired by the girls and speakers around you, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a change-maker with no limit to your impact! 

One thing I really liked [about this event] was that we got to learn more about politics… and I’ve never been interested in politics until I came here.

– Ella B. (6th grade)

attendee at december 2019 gpp event

what can you expect from a girl power politics event?

Speakers: local female politicians, activists, and political organizers

(from both sides of the aisle!)

As the saying goes, if you can see one, you can be one! 

GPP events feature real women and girls who are impacting their communities through politics and activism. Attendees have the opportunity to directly interact with speakers! 

Something I learned about [politics] is that it’s more than just democratic party and then republican. it’s about… finding ways to serve the community and make things better for people.

Audrey N. (7th grade)

attendee at December 2019 GPP event

guided sessions to learn political skills

What political power do you have?

Learn tangible skills like canvassing, petitioning, contacting officials, organizing peaceful protests, starting organizations, and so much more!

One thing I learned today is that girls are strong and powerful and they can change the world just by one tiny idea.

noel M. (7th grade)

Attendee at December 2019 GPP event

mentorship on making an impact with your political skills

What change will you create in your community?

Work in a small group with a mentor (a female activist or political organizer) to design a political action plan for an issue you care about!

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